Lay-up is the time period the vessel is not used. Normally lay-up is for boats in northern climates that are not used in the winter months. Boat insurance companies provide a discount in the premium for boats that are laid-up.

The boat can be laid-up ashore or afloat. The boat is fully covered during the lay-up period subject to general conditions. These conditions can include that the vessel is not navigated, it is not ready for immediate use and it is not used to live aboard. Not ready for immediate use means the vessel must be winterized. The use of heat to keep the engine or system from freezing does not qualify for “not ready for immediate use”. Most companies will allow 1 night or 3 or 5 consecutive nights that you can stay aboard without violating the live aboard requirement.

Most boat insurance companies do not offer a lay-up for boats less than 27’. They are written with 12 months navigation and the rate is based on the state where the vessel is normally stored. Most boat insurance companies offer lay-up and a discount in the premium for vessels greater than 26'.

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