Fuel Spill Coverage

Pollution has always been covered under the liability section of boat insurance policies. In recent years we have seen boat insurance companies providing a separate limit for Pollution/Fuel Spill coverage. Most companies do not make pollution/fuel spill coverage dependent on a covered loss, but some do. This is an important difference.

We have one market that provides a separate limit of $800,000 and does not make it a requirement to be a covered claim.

We have one market that does not provide a separate limit. They provide coverage within the liability limit and will increase the pollution/fuel spill to the legal limit of $939,800 if your liability limit is lower. This is not the same as having a separate limit, having a separate limit is best. This market does not make it required that it be a covered loss.

We have a market that includes pollution in the liability limit and they do make it a requirement that it be from a covered loss.

Another interesting point regarding fuel spill coverage is that most insurance companies do not pay fines or penalties.

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